The upcoming Professional Networking has been NZCSA’s flagship event for years in terms of its size, promotions, effectiveness, strengths of participated companies and the positive outcomes for stakeholders. It is a networking based event that aims to provide students a perfect chance to engage with experienced professionals and have a clearer vision for their future career development.


Alumni Night ft. CDES

Time: Monday 5th August, 6:30pm-9:00pm
Location: Science Building, The University of Auckland

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Corporate Night

Time : 6th August, 6:30pm – 9:00pm
Location: Science Building, The University of Auckland

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Alumni Night

Alumni Night provides students with an opportunity to develop networking skills and practice in an interactive and less formal environment. Our alumni and graduates, who work in a variety of industries, will share their experiences regarding job seeking as a student and answer any questions our students may have.

We have also invited CDES, the University Careers Services Provider, who will introduce to students how to access its free resources and services online, make private bookings for CV and cover letter checks and career planning sessions.

Corporate Night

Corportate Night will be the main focus of this event, spanning across the entire evening. The Professional Networking Evening Event has the following sections:

Introduction and Sponsor Speeches

A brief introduction will be given to the students about the evening as well as a background about NZCSA, followed by speeches delivered by representatives of the sponsoring companies.

Panel Presentation

After the opening speeches, the sponsors will be invited for a panel discussion followed by a small discussion and a Q&A session.


After the panel discussion, students are able to approach companies which they are interested in engaging in conversation to build stronger relationships. The networking session will be conducted in an open space location with light refreshments provided.



Our Corporate Sponsors

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